Investment motives

Increased demand for rented housing

  1. Growing population.

  2. Increasing degree of urbanization.

  3. New financial policies and regulations.

Low risk and safe cash flows

  1. Diversification is achieved by geographical spread.

  2. The rent will always be a prioritized payment for the tenant.

  3. Newly constructed housing has no need for renovation and is secured by guarantees from the construction company.

  4. Low vacancies.

  5. Long housing queues.

Sustainable investment

  1. The properties will preferably be certified according to one of the leading environmental certification standards.

  2. By promoting new construction of residential, a social responsibility is taken since it will contribute to a reduction of the housing shortage.


Almost 85 percent of all municipalities in Sweden suffered from housing shortage in 2018. 

Out of the municipalities which currently suffers from housing shortage, Resinova will invest in the municipalities that are forecasted to perform best in terms of demographic and economic development, i.e. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and selected regional cities.