The growing population in combination with the continued urbanization increases the demand for housing in regional capitals and metropolitan areas, which has led to low vacancies.

Resinova is a structure that facilitates institutional investors possibilities of acquiring and owning newly built residential properties. The ambition is to build a cohesive portfolio of residential properties in demographically strong cities that experiences a strong demand for housing. Resinova will operate in greater Stockholm, greater Gothenburg, greater Malmö and a number of selected regional cities.

If ranked by risk adjusted return, real estate has been the best asset class compared to stocks and bonds during the last 16 years – by far. Among real estate asset classes, residential properties have been the best performing.


Möller & Partners

Möller & Partners acts as an investor, a property developer and an asset manager within the real estate market in Sweden. The business operates through a number of subsidiaries, where the majority are capitalized by external investors. Through the years, Möller & Partners has cooperated with several well-known Swedish and international investors and institutions such as Merrill Lynch, ICA-Handlarnas Förbund, Apotekets Pensionsstiftelse, Allmänna Arvsfonden, Saab Pensionsstiftelse, PRI Pensionsgaranti and the Carlyle Group. Since it was founded in 2000, Möller & Partners aggregated asset under management exceeds SEK 20 billion. Currently, Möller & Partners hosts 15 employees primary working with transactions, asset management and project development.

Möller & Partners delivers complete solutions and takes responsibility through the entire process including acquisition, development and divestment.

Focus is concentrated to maximize the risk adjusted return, which historically has been successful through active management. The people behind Resinova have successfully built the companies Akka Egendom and Urbano (previously IHF Bostad), which combined have 5 600 apartments under management today. Furthermore, employees at Möller & Partners have a long experience from residential properties and buildings for community services with background from companies such as Uppsalahem, the Swedish Housing fund, HSB and Svenska Bostäder.



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Henrik Jussi-Pekka

Henrik has 24 years of experience within the real estate business and is one of the founders as well as the CEO of Möller & Partners. Prior to Möller & Partners, Henrik was head of business development at NIAM. Henrik holds a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering with specialization in Real Estate Economics from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

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Göran Bygdén

Göran has 22 years of experience within the real estate business and is one of the founders of Möller & Partners as well as the company’s CFO. Göran was previously CFO at NIAM and authorized accountant at EY. Göran holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics/Accounting from the University of Umeå.   


Joakim Einarson

Since 1994, Joakim has held senior positions at Drott, Fabege and GE Real Estate Nordic. Joakim has been a partner at Catella Corporate Finance AB, partner at SPG AS and CEO of SPG AB. Joakim has also founded and been a board member of Vestigia AB, Månviolen AB and Exerton AB. Joakim has a Master of Science degree in Real Estate Management from Gävle University.

Peter Gustafson

Peter has close to 30 years of experience from the Nordic financial and real estate market. Peter has been Head of Business Development in the Nordic Region at Catella AB, partner at Arthur Andersen, Deloitte and ICE Capital. Peter is the CEO of Green Capital Partners and has many years of experience from being a board member in several listed companies such as Kungsleden, MSC Group and Chromogenics. Peter holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics from Lund University and has studied business administration at Harvard University.

Patrik Roos

Patrik has more than 25 years of experience from financial markets, of which 14 has been spent abroad at SEB, Standard Chartered Bank and Nordea. Patrik manages Vanna Capital and holds a B.Sc. in Finance from the University of Umeå.

Our values

Sustainability & ethics

Resinova will be an active and constructive partner in the development of the societies where the company will operate.

By providing high quality housing and cooperating with the tenants to achieve a better, more safe and healthy environment for the inhabitants of the area, the first step towards a better society has been taken.

Resinova will always act with integrity and respect applicable laws and other regulations as well uphold international values for human rights, equality, work conditions and environments. Resinova will also strive to make sure that its partners and suppliers share these values.

Evironmental perspective

Resinova’s environmental impact will mostly linked to its properties. Active work to improve the properties’ performance is Resinova’s best chance of minimizing its environmental impact.

The ambition is, whenever reasonably possible, that the properties will be certified according to one of the leading environmental certification standards in Sweden such as BREEAM, LEED or “Miljöbyggnad” (www.sgbc.se)

The company’s asset manager Möller & Partners AB is a member of Sweden Green Building Council.